Progress to date

Trade Cheetah V1 is currently live and we have a dedicated group of users who have been with us for over 5 years. Instead of immediately releasing V1 to the broader market, we've opted to allocate our resources towards building V2, incorporating valuable feedback from our existing user base.

Seed Round

We are looking to raise $5M through a safe convertible SAFE at a valuation of $50M, half the projected valuation of 100M+ upon reaching our first milestone of 40K+ users within the first 24 moths after launching Trade Cheetah V2.

Next 12 Months

In the upcoming 12 months, we aim to finalize and release V2, incorporating our inaugural AI iteration alongside the initial versions of our apps compatible with IWatch and Alexa. Simultaneously, we'll kick off the development of Trade Cheetah VR. Additionally, we plan to craft all marketing-related assets in preparation for our launch in December 2024.