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We help investors find and manage positions in stock and various options strategies.


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Stock options investing is fun. With the right tools.

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Stay Informed

Trade Cheetah will produce all the metrics you need on your positions, so you don't have to. Track your historical and current income month by month, your returns, break even, latest income, and more. It's all there at your fingertips.

Scan the NASDAQ and NYSE in seconds to find new investments that best suit your parameters and desired returns. Search based on returns, fundamentals, sectors, individual stocks, and so much more.

Market events can have a big impact on your investments. Let us tell you about events that will affect your portfolio, either by SMS or email. Never miss another important date again.

Trade Cheetah. The fastest way to financial freedom.

All your positions in one place.

Save all your current and historic positions with us, allowing you to track your investments through time. One-click import positions from .csv files into Trade Cheetah.

Market Scanners.

Don’t know what your next trade will be? That’s OK, Trade Cheetah puts the entire NASDAQ and NYSE at your fingertips, letting you easily find your next profitable position.

Track Your Stocks.

Track stocks of interest to you in Trade Cheetah, and be informed by SMS or email when they break any upper or lower price barriers you set.

One User - Many Accounts.

Trade Cheetah allows you to create many accounts under one user. Compartmentalize your portfolio by anything you wish - risk, family, strategy. It's up to you.

Love Graphs? We do too.

Get information on your positions displayed graphically and intuitively. Graphs of monthly profit, latest income, portfolio distribution, ROI, all displayed at a glance.

Plan Your Investments.

Trade Cheetah allows you to enter virtual positions through your trade plan account. Get daily comparisions of the position against your benchmark.

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55 USD/month


Allows 2 accounts.

Up to 10 open positions.

Up to 10 trade plan positions.

Up to 10 tracked stocks.


35 USD/month


75 USD/month


Allows 1 account.

Up to 3 open positions.

Up to 3 trade plan positions.

Up to 3 tracked stocks.


Allows 6 accounts.

No limit on positions.

No limit trade plan positions.

No limit on tracked stocks.


605 USD/year

Yearly Intermediate

Same plan allowance as intermediate monthly, but billed annually with 1 month free.


385 USD/year


825 USD/year

Yearly Beginner

Same plan allowance as beginner monthly, but billed annually with 1 month free.

Yearly Advanced

Same plan allowance as advanced monthly, but billed annually with 1 month free.