The Only Limit To What You Can Do Is What You Are Willing To Become.

The Challenge

Not sure if you knew

In 2020, a new wave of retail traders joined forces to save a business they loved, GAMESTOP. Their actions inflicted a 7 BILLION DOLLAR blow to industry giants like Citadel, bringing them perilously close to the edge. They brought the entire market to its knees and changed retail investment forever. The game has changed and we are here to stay…


The number of retail investors interested in managing their own finances continues to dramatically increase...

Most of them don’t due to information overload, lack of knowledge and overwhelming tools.

Until Now

The market has failed to provide a compelling solution, leaving them out in the cold.


The first trading platform for everyone. Simplicity for the beginner, luxury for the advanced. We are no longer standing by, we are standing up!

Saving a paycheck in the bank will no longer do. Lack of knowledge, hidden fees and inflation are reducing the life savings of the average investor by 40 to 60 percent.


The Market

Trading is at all time high with over 100+ million retail accounts in the U.S alone and over 50 million internationally as of 2020.

In 2020 options contracts traded surpassed the 20 million per day mark. An unprecedented 32% increase since its previous record.

Source – FIA. Options Clearing Corporation

Market Concerns

Lack of knowledge, time, risk… Trade Cheetah completely addresses all of the main concerns preventing investors from trading options again.

Source - Study by Harris Poll. Commissioned by the Options Industry Council.

Traders are surging, and it is only the beginning. We are starting to realize we are the product, the energy powering the system. This dynamic is shifting, a shift we think of as desert power.

The Opportunity

In 2020 A new wave of retail investors entered the market. Approximately 30M new accounts were open in the US between 2020 and 2021.

Market Size

The retail trader base is hitting new records, and their behavior is evolving, showing an increased tolerance for risk and a marked interest in research and discovery.

The Potential

Our platform, long-term product objectives and GTM strategy are designed to engage and retain 4M+ users within the next 3 to 6 years.

We are constantly working to perfect The Bicycle For The Trader’s mind. The most efficient way to navigate the market with ease and confidence.


Addressing these concerns

Will increment the influx of new traders and their engagement, increasing the overall value of each new participant in the market. Our goal is to grow the client base while simultaneously attracting as many clients as possible within the existing Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM).


An accessible AI driven tool to enhance and simplify the trading experience to unprecedented levels.

Trade Like A Human

Tune your portfolio to your lifestyle and passions. Manage your investments on your terms, anywhere anytime.

Aim - Shibumi:

Excellence and beauty through simplicity, effortless perfection. Is time to go back to the future.

"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses."


 ~ Henry Ford

Corporations are everywhere. Their goal is for us to buy, buy, buy. it is time we buy them... As investors finally we can take back control from the chaos that pervades our world.

Is not that we have little time…

but that we lose so much… The life we receive is not short, we make it so… We are not ill provided but we use what we have wastefully. ‘Seneca’

Never miss another adventure again

Surfing, biking… real time trading and alerts anywhere anytime.

A simpler way to trade

Place any trade or get the latest update for any of your positions through Alexa with Trade Cheetah’s AI voice activated interface.


Next Generation Trading

TC users will be able to trade by themselves, with friends and or colleagues truly 'anywhere' anytime through a fully integrated Virtual Reality Interface. The first complete trading station on the next computing platform.


Play and Learn

A SaaS AI-supported multiplayer game available on PC, mobile, and VR, designed for learning and trading simultaneously. Engage in live or virtual trading modes within an ever-evolving game that educates players of all ages about the intricacies of the market, finance, and the philosophy behind the free market, the greatest force for change in human history.



"Trade Cheetah is an invaluable tool. No matter whether you want to scan the markets, track your monthly/annual ROI, Trade Cheetah is the ideal companion for serious option traders!"

Mark W
Trade Cheetah client since 2017

"Trade Cheetah has become an essential part of my trading tools. Since utilizing Trade Cheetah not only have my returns increased, but my confidence and decision making as well! I highly recommend and endorse Trade Cheetah and wouldn’t be without it.”

Paul R
Trade Cheetah client since 2017

"Trade Cheetah is light years ahead of anything else! They created a platform that the “greenest” and most advanced traders can use to gain significant benefit from.

I love the integrity and passion of the team, they provide the best support possible to all subscribers and continually strive to improve their product!"

Geoff W
Trade Cheetah client since 2017





‘Do not try to bend the spoon, it’s impossible… there is no spoon. It is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself’