Client Acquisition

Currently our customer base for TC V 1.0 comes through referral programs through educators. They earn a flat fee or 10% to 20% of revenue based on reach and clientele.

As we grow, we plan to broaden our affiliate roster and collaborate with online influencers, not just through their channels but also through our content distribution channel TC TV. Additionally, we will continue to utilize our partner Tradier Brokerage’s educational platform, The Hub ( Currently, Trade Cheetah is responsible for creating and producing all the shows and assets in The Hub.

Additionally, we aim to establish a real-world TC team inspired by the action sports industry approach. With the right artist, musicians, sports stars, etc. we plan to create the right context for our brand and increase our reach through their sphere of influence.

In the initial 6 months post-release, we’ll translate all site content, and promotional material into Spanish at no additional expense. Our goal is to create immediate direct access to one of the largest retail trading markets outside the English ecosphere.


Our launch will kick off with a campaign introducing a special limited membership alongside the release of an educational event called L.E.X (Lifestyle Education Exchange), sponsored by industry leaders like NASDAQ, MIAX, Tradier, etc. The primary objective is to attract a minimum of 4,000 users, leveraging our partner’s and sponsors’ client base, along with the clientele of our closest affiliates.

Concurrently with this offer, we will promote the brand through focused marketing on social media platforms and traditional outlets like magazines, newspapers, TV, billboards, etc. We will start with a guerrilla marketing approach to leverage all our contacts and assets to maintain our marketing expenses as close to $0 as possible. 

We plan to adapt and deploy variations of this limited offer with each new significant affiliate until we achieve our second milestone of 40,000 clients


Our campaigns will capture the brand’s irreverent stance toward the status quo, emphasizing time as the paramount asset for regaining control of one’s life. They will underscore the significance of knowledge, self-reliance, and lateral thinking to achieve any objective.

Money is time. Trade Cheetah is designed to help you take back control of both!

We reject the conventional marketing approach featuring retirement testimonials or stereotypical portrayals of ‘happy’ Gen X, millennials, etc. A new paradigm is needed to establish true brand loyalty among the growing demographic in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who are increasingly drawn to the idea of investing.

In a transformed world where AI replicates reality, Instagram conceals the truth, and everyone online is an expert, millions inundate social media, attempting to sell us something while stealing our most precious resource, time.

Amid growing skepticism and frustration with superfluous content, our aim is to disrupt the current norm, where both, time and money are squandered in front of our screens. We envision screens as tools that can educate, generate income, and save time rather than deplete both.


TCTV is a content channel at the intersection of education, entertainment, current events, history, philosophy, and finance. Unlike passive market observation, we dissect and cross-examine events to find the signal through the noise. Our team currently leads content production for Tradier, a top 10 U.S. online brokerage specializing in options and stocks. We produce and manage all educational content within Tradier’s proprietary platform, The Hub. Our strategic vision is to synergistically integrate TCTV with The Hub (, aiming to expand content, audience, and client base for both us and Tradier.