TECH Stack


TC Version 2 is designed to scale and improve. The architecture is ready to seamlessly integrate with any third-party vendor or program, extending our capabilities beyond in-house programming. TC V 2 can easily accommodate any envisioned feature: a platform able to expand and meet the diverse needs of both novice and professional traders.

TC’s Python core, the same programming language utilized by major platforms like Netflix, Spotify, Uber, Google, Instagram, YouTube, and others, provides the tools for unlimited scalability. It allows seamless introduction of new features, offering boundless growth potential while enhancing our speed and capability to adapt.

Trade Cheetah’s UI, built on Angular JS, will be familiar to users of PayPal, Gmail, Netflix, etc. The Angular front end operates independently from the Python core. This separation enables us to make changes to the customer-facing interface without programming challenges. Cosmetic or layout updates can be executed with minimal time and financial investment.

aving the Python engine connected to users through the Angular front end, creates an uncompromised mobile experience without additional costs. Unlike the typical approach requiring separate apps for iOS and Android, Angular enables us to use the same code for desktop and both mobile platforms. This streamlines development, maintenance, and costs, ensuring consistent features and power across all devices.

This architecture also facilitates seamless integration with any device. Developing apps for Apple Watch, Alexa, or Virtual Reality only requires the creation of the client-facing interface. The Python engine can run them all, providing tailored data for each device’s unique capabilities. This set up also creates the opportunity for individuals or businesses to build custom apps. Developers will have the flexibility to create their preferred customer interface and connect it to TC’s core. This approach will expand our product’s reach well beyond our existing client base.


Our AI engine positions Trade Cheetah at the forefront of technology. TC’s AI-powered analytics platform, with its unique blend of machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), redefines the convergence of technology, trading, and lifestyle.

The generative and predictive Business Intelligence (BI) cloud-based system securely ingests data, offering insights through the Neural Technology Services platform and AI models in a user-friendly, human-centered experience where beauty and ease of use are as crucial as the underlying technology.

Our analytics engine utilizes client behavior patterns within the platform, ensuring customers have complete control and ownership of their data for future monetization and revenue share.

By analyzing users’ interactions, trading patterns, preferences, and sentiments, along with external social behavior, we can create a dynamic, responsive system that deepens user engagement while offering enhanced risk control, time saving, and independence.

The integration of sentiment analysis allows us not only to understand the functional aspects of user behavior but also to capture the emotional context that frames it allowing us to create a multidimensional profile of each client. This enables us to enhance the platform to resonate personally with each user, creating a tailored, immersive, and interactive experience unfathomable for any other trading platform.


The Zoo, is a network designed for dynamic interactions. It goes beyond the conventional realm of social networking, offering an ecosystem where traders can seamlessly connect and engage in real-time zero latency trading.

At the heart of The Zoo is the innovative AI driven trade share feature which enables users to seamlessly follow and access each other’s trades, transforming insights into instantly actionable opportunities with a single click.

TC (AI) engine (G.O.D.O.I) powers the personal experience of each member. Leveraging behavioral patterns, trading activity and social interactions. It tailors a unique feed for every user providing relevant updates, news, strategy suggestions, risk management and analysis and much more, delivering to them information that aligns with their individual trading personality and goals.

These feeds permit users to share their personal insights within The Zoo, allowing fellow members to subscribe and gain access to unique perspectives shaped by individual preferences. This creates a symbiotic relationship within the community, where experienced traders can provide curated, personalized trading knowledge enhanced by TC’s AI data analytics.

Beyond being a platform for ‘interacting and following trades’, The Zoo is a dynamic community fostering collaboration and learning between the users and TC itself. Designed to create a flywheel effect, this unique blend of community engagement and advanced trading functionalities sets The Zoo apart. The Zoo redefines the social dynamics of trading, providing a distinctive space for traders to succeed and monetize their knowledge.